During my first year of university I was tasked with making a short game in Unreal engine 4. After learning how to code in unreal I eventually made this.

The story story behind it was based on a personal fear and journey I was going through at the time. After losing a family member to Covid and fighting my own medical battle I was terrified of my own heartbeat. As I could hear it pulsing in my ears at night, a thumping reminder of my own mortality. I stopped looking at doctors as people but as outsiders staring in trying to understand my body, some giving me hope while others told me to prepare for the end. Tunnel vision, migraines, heart palpitations, high blood pressure and loss of conciousness all on a daily or sometimes hourly rate made it hard to forget or distract myself. In the end instead of turning away from it I embraced my fears and feelings to create the game shown below.